“We live in a society where the focus on success and celebrity seem to far outweigh the focus on ability and effort – all the money, limited talent.”  

– Alex Clare

Jerusalem, Israel – January 20, 2017 – Alex Clare releases his new album, Tail of Lions, today via ETC Recordings/RED Distribution. Recorded on a boat while traveling the River Lea with bass-player and friend, Chris Hargreaves, the emotive album reflects Alex’s current perspective on life as a father, husband and orthodox Jew – specifically the album’s first single, “Tell, which explores the frustrations that often arise in relationships. “You have to learn to ride the bumps,” says Alex.

About his new album, Alex says,Tail Of Lions is a little visit into my life and perspective. A story of love, frustration and the world we currently face.”

Written and recorded in just a few short weeks, Tail of Lions delivers a remarkable body of work expressing Alex’s extraordinary journey. Once recorded, Alex and Chris spent months perfecting the soul, rock and funk soundscape heard on the album. The title comes from a Jewish expression, “it’s better to be the tail of a lion than the head of a fox.”

The Jerusalem-resident signed a major label deal with Island in 2010 and released his debut album, The Lateness of The Hour, to little fanfare. In 2012, “Too Close”– the standout track from his debut album – was used for an Internet Explorer 9 advertisement, prompting millions of sales and a new deal. Eighteen months later, he released his sophomore album, Three Hearts – after which he got married, toured the US, Russia and Europe and started a family. Tail of Lions differs from his previous works, highlighting Alex’s new perspective on life, love and fatherhood.


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