NeWFAM Entertainment CEO Q Parker, of mega group 112, Inks Deal with RED Distribution

Pictured from L to R: Jeff Brody, Bob Morelli, Quinnes ‘Q’ Parker, Tara Griggs-Magee, Dora Din, Alan Becker


RED Distribution President Bob Morelli, alongside Senior Vice-President of Product Development Alan Becker and Chief Executive Officer of Brody Distribution Group Jeff Brody, announced the official label distribution deal with NeWFAM Entertainment in Manhattan with the label Chief Executive Officer Quinnes ‘Q’ Parker of the Grammy award-winning music group 112, Senior Executives and Label Partners Dora Din and Tara Griggs-Magee.

“I am very pleased to reconnect with Tara Griggs-Magee & the great label, NeWFAM Entertainment. The artists and their music are terrific and they fit in wonderfully with RED’s artist roster and overall approach to marketing & sales. Tara will continue to bring great music to RED and RED will be proactive in supporting her artists and their vision,” says Bob Morelli.

RED Distribution will be responsible for the physical and digital sales and distribution for NeWFAM Entertainment in the U.S. and Canada.  Additionally, Brody will be NeWFAM’s eyes and ears in the marketplace, positioning the label to be competitive and successful in today’s exciting and ever-changing music industry.

“I am thrilled and honored to work alongside respected industry veterans, forging the opportunity for my label to offer the very best distribution to our label artists,” says Q Parker. He adds, “RED offers a diverse and structured infrastructure I found to be most appealing with NeWFAM. I am happy to officially be in the position to call BDG/RED Distribution, NeWFAM’s North American distribution partner.”

The label’s first release under the new partnership, slated for Summer 2017, is Will & Alexis, a re-emergence of the duo performance concept.  Loosely compared to the storied Bebe and Cece Winans, Will & Alexis will lend a sonic breath of fresh air to music lovers seeking inspiration worldwide. From hard-hitting dance tracks and bass-filled toe-tapping grooves, to intimate and unforgettable worship staples, the combination of their voices and delivery offers a gumbo of urban inspiration, full with sound and energy that not only pleases ears, but fires up souls.